Company Profile

Although Van Joo Engineering Pte Ltd was only established in 2001, its predecessor Van Joo Engineering & Services has already been in operation since the early 1990s. Therefore, Van Joo is a combination of vibrant youth and cultivated maturity.

From its origin as a modest business operation in Jurong standing on only 2000 sq. feet of ground, Van Joo has expanded to over a 10000 sq. feet enterprise down the years.

We humbly acknowledge the 3 main factors contributing to Van Joo’s rise and successes

  1. Stringent quality control to produce high quality products
  2. Constant upgrading of its operational technology and services
  3. Highly committed staffs who are determined to succeed

Van Joo is confident that we are equipped with ample resources to face any challenges in the future therefore we are constantly progressing towards a more visionary outlook in our undertakings.

Van Joo is in line with the ISO standards systems and procedures. It will continue to provide the most economical and quality products and services to its customers in the most efficient ways.

V ALUE – We value people.

A CCOUNTABILITY – We take ownership & deliver on our commitment.

N IMBLENESS – Nimbly efficient in fabrication

J OINT EFFORT – We collaborate with & complement others to accomplish common goals.

O PENNESS – Exhibit honesty & integrity at all times.

O PTIMISM – We face challenges optimistically through continuous improvement & learning.